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Brogan Brookes

Football Journey

My journey started at the age of 5 where I would go over Stratford park and play football with the uncles in the cage all day everyday. My uncles would buy me a tennis ball every Christmas and say “ if you can master football with a tennis ball imagine what you would do with a football” From there i went on to play for my primary school where I was team captain and won awards for being best the best in sports.

Sadly, I struggled to find a team outside of the school setting that was welcoming, which led me to take a 4 year break from football altogether.  Then I saw trials for a new East London team but again the environment wasnt right so I left shortly after signing.  I honestly thought I would never get into football again, until a friend told me about trails for another team called  ‘AFC Leyton’. 

I remember turning up for trails feeling anxious, like history was going to repeat itself.  But I was completely wrong.  AFC Leyton created a really warm environment me.  I really felt welcomed with open arms.  And Im happy to be part of a lovely group of girls. 

Personally for me it’s more than football with the AFC Leyton Team, it feels like I’m with a big group of sisters.

Preferred Playing Position

Position- RB

Footballing Highlights

The highlight for me was meeting the team and building that bond outside of football

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