2019/20 Season - Meet the Coaches


Club Secretary

Louise McGing

AFC Leyton’s Club Secretary is Louise McGing.  Louise has been with AFC Leyton since it’s inception as a parent, as well as our primary sponsor (OMG Media) and became the club Secretary in January 2018.  Louise told us “I’m honoured to be involved with AFC Leyton. I’m incredibly focussed on expanding the club,  strengthening our community relationships and activities within Waltham Forest.  Football should always be a sport where people flourish in a supportive community, that is fair, open and transparent. I am very proud that AFC Leyton is a naturally inclusive and diverse club, and I will be ensuring that this continues and work hard to continue to keep our club a safe and welcoming environment for all.”

Head Coach

Tom Cruse

AFC Leyton’s Head Coach is Tom Cruse.  Tom has been with AFC Leyton since its inception in 2015 and has helped to steer the club into the wider reaching community project that it is today.  On AFC Leyton, Tom told us “The talent of girls is ever increasing and the successes we have shared at AFC Leyton have been down to dedication, perseverance and quality of the girls that I am fortunate enough to have at my disposal. I’m delighted to welcome our new coaches to the AFC Leyton family and together I am confident that there will be many more successes along the way”

Team Coaches

Ladies Team Coach

Fabian Jones

Fabian joined AFC Leyton in February 2019 and holds a UEFA B qualification.

Fabian has a long history of coaching in female football including Head Coach at St Marys University Girls and University Arts London.  He also worked as an RTC player scout for both male and female footballers.

Fabian was also a development coach at Leyton Orient Women’s development team, and during his time there they only drew one game to the eventual winners and won every game.

We are delighted to have Fabian onboard.

U16s Team Coach

Recruiting Now

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U15s Team Coach

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U15s Assistant Coach

Sunil Mesuria

Sunil has been a parent with AFC Leyton for many years, and joined the coaching team in February 2019, having successfully completed his Level 1.

U14s Team Coach

Jake Cuthbert

Jake has been with AFC Leyton since January 2019.  “I have a favourite quote which goes like this: ‘It is better to fail aiming high than it is to succeed aiming low’.  This quote symbolises to me that in order to constantly learn and develop you need to set yourself high standards and have the correct mindset in order to achieve your goals. Alongside setting high standards you will need to show a desire to learn and improve. This comes through confidence, which is something I aim to improve with every player I coach. Confidence thrives in an environment where players are able to play with creativity and without fear. This is what I bring to AFC Leyton.”

U13s Team Coach

Mohammed Chowdhury

Mo joined AFC leyton in May, and is our U13s Coach for the 2019/20 Season.  Mo comes to us with a wealth of experience in grassroots football from Watford Ladies U13s last season and various other local clubs. When not on the pitch, Mo is also an expert in managing clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry.

Mo tells us “I have the desire to learn, experience more and increase my knowledge of the beautiful game from the other side of the pitch. Being a people person, I enjoy working with and developing players as well as engaging with parents.”

U12s Team Coach

Nyla Henry

Nyla is a former Crystal Palace Ladies Centre Midfield player that is currently at university studying Accounting and Finance.  She joined AFC Leyton’s coaching team in August 2018 and has been hands on with the u10s and 11s teams squad training.  Nyla told us “When it comes to female teams, being a coach at AFC Leyton allows me to further my experience and try to encourage and motivate young female players into progressing and remaining within the football industry – as many fall off. From the first day i joined the staffing team at AFC Leyton i could see the main focus was to assist the development of women’s football which is why I really enjoy being here” .   Nyla is also involved in Leyton Active Junior player development

U11s Wyverns Team Coach

Roberto D'Silva

Roberto “Rob” D’Silva has been with AFC Leyton since September 2018 and currently coaches and manages the AFC Leyton U11s team.  Rob was a former Chelsea FC academy player and England U17s basketball player in his youth prior to injury.   “As a father of two girls, to have the opportunity to influence the careers of young female players is very important to me. I draw on my own experiences as an ex Chelsea FC academy player to help them grow organically both on and off the pitch.”  In the great words of Pele…“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all love of what you are doing or learning to do”.

U11s Dragons Team Coach

Reece Tailor

Reece is an FA Qualified Football and Goal Keeper Coach.  Reece also runs our Wednesday Wildcats sessions which is a foundation class for girls aged between 5 and 11 years.  “I have been coaching for many years now and I have a real passion for football.   I believe football brings people together no matter where you come from or who you are. The most important part of football is doing it with a smile. That’s why I coach to see the enjoyment on my players faces.”

U10s Griffins Team Coach

Recruiting Now

Recruiting Now

Laura is an interim coach for pre-season.

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U9s Team Coach

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Football Development Centre

Player Development Coach

Estelle Handy

Estelle Handy joined AFC Leyton in February 2019. Estelle has been playing football from the age of 7, has been signed by 3 clubs and has been coaching for 5 years. In that time Estelle has gained her FA qualification in coaching. She holds a BTEC Level 3 qualification in Sports Science and is Currently at The University of Essex studying Sports Performance and Coaching. Estelle leads our mid-week Development Training and Leyton Active Senior Sessions.

Player Development Coach

Laura Johnson

Laura joined us in June 2019 and is a FA qualified Level 2 coach.

Laura is an extremely driven and hardworking coach specialising in the female game.  Laura assists with the Saturday morning Leyton Active sessions and is also a Wildcats foundation coach.

Schools Development Coach

Lefty Blaise

Lefty has been with AFC Leyton since November 2018 and holds UEFA C and Boxing Qualifications.

Lefty has worked with Leyton Orient Football Club, among many other large clubs in the UK and internationally and also has strong links in the local community. Lefty told us “I believe that football is the largest room for cultural exchanges and I follow a very continental approach in both playing and coaching. We are always on a journey of improvement and developing young players the right way is something I strongly believe in. I have created opportunities all around the world, through organising events and culture exchange through sports including football. I further believe that bringing your teams to international football tournaments creates fantastic lifelong experiences for players.”