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Nicole Caicedo

Football Journey

I started to kick a ball as soon as I could walk. I always used to wear football kits everywhere I could possibly could go. I started to train at the age of 5 with my older brothers team called one hackney which was a boys team and I was the only girl. From then as everyone knew I had a big interest in football I started to look for teams to play for. I used to play for Crystal Palace, Arsenal, Millwall, Charlton and a few others. I also used to play for my borough and now I play for AFC Leyton women’s team which I am very proud of. And still from this very day I love playing football.

Playing Position

Centre midfielder. #8

Footballing Highlights

My football careers highlights so far has been my journey in football with the teams I have played for, being selected to play for my borough, the trophies, rewards and medals I have received throughout playing football. My coach has also been apart of my football career highlight with all her great support and guidance. Lastly, my team players is a massive contribution to my career path as we play together and work as a team, the bond I have created and grown in a small space of time I wouldn’t change for the world.

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