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About AFC Leyton

AFC Leyton is a community club. It is our aim to break down social and economic barriers through participation in team sport. We do this by creating a safe, fun and engaging space for all our members, delivering high quality football coaching services and competitive league games in a vibrant, inclusive environment. Our operations are delivered through strong leadership, the support of a dedicated and qualified coaching team and ensuring the right strategies are in place and implemented to continually grow the female game at grassroots and into semi-professional levels.

Over the last decade, women’s football has experienced an unprecedented period of growth. As a relatively new club, we believe that AFC Leyton is in a strong position to learn from the men and boys game but to be creative, innovative and to do things differently. This means not just mimicking what has come before, but we have an
opportunity to be a leader in creating a new culture in football, that truly empowers our players and creates opportunities that otherwise may not have existed.

Our Club

Our club is made up of two simple things:
1. the players on the pitch
2. those who give players the opportunity to do their best

Both exist for each other and both must work together to achieve footballing success.

At AFC Leyton we provide our players, coaches and managers the opportunity to progress and truly explore how good they can become in the world of female football.

It is our goal at AFC Leyton to grow the game, to get more girls involved in football earlier, to find and progress talent, to keep more women in the game longer and to further leverage the empowerment of women and the
societal benefits of football.

Female football matters

It’s no secret that females face inequality across the globe. Here in London, it’s no different.

At AFC Leyton we challenge and empower women and girls through team sports, creating opportunities for regular social interactions, and an environment where females work together to achieve goals, and build essential skills such as teamwork and leadership. These important life skills along with increased fitness and healthy lifestyles really can translate into advancement in the workplace.

Female football matters.

Males are already benefiting from the inherent skill set that they gather on the sports fields, and have carried them through into the boardrooms of businesses. Females must be given the same opportunity to collect the same skills.

Female footballers confirm that football helped them to solve problems, deal with pressure at school/work, and feel empowered to overcome difficulties. The results make a compelling case: if you want girls to feel more confident, get them playing football.

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