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Why Sponsor AFC Leyton?

Would you like to see your taxes being used to directly benefit your local community? Sponsoring AFC Leyton does just that.   Check with your accountant – sponsorships are deducted from your corporation tax bill!

Not only that, working with your local community can bring a wide range of benefits for your business. For many businesses, local customers are an important source of sales and demonstrating a commitment to your community can improve your business reputation. In fact, 64% of companies said there was a strong customer demand for businesses to be socially responsible.

Getting involved in community projects offers your business a real opportunity to contribute to society and share your values.  A responsible business cares about their community.

At AFC Leyton, we welcome all local businesses to join and support us.  Girl’s football is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK, however opportunities to play competitively within East London are low.  Its all about the boys.

A study involving more than 4,000 girls confirmed that girls who play football report higher levels of self-confidence, giving a greater positive impact on their self-confidence than other popular sports. This is why AFC Leyton is so important to ensure girls in local boroughs have opportunities to play proper football, in a real team and this is where your help comes in as a community sponsor.

Please get in touch today, and let your business help to improve the lives of the girls in the East London area, giving them opportunities that they otherwise may not have had.  And remember, sponsorships are tax efficient and deductible.  So everyone wins.  #LeytonPlayStrong