Membership Fees

Fees and Charges

When it comes to fees and charges, as a community football club, AFC Leyton is very different.  We offer payment plans and various ways to pay to make it easier to cover the costs of playing.  If you are a single parent or  low-income family on free school meals, please let us know as discounts and bursaries are available. See below for more information

Foundation Sessions

For those that don’t want to join and team and just want to play or are just starting out in football, we have the pay and play option.  Depending on the session these start from as little as £11 a month.  Sibling discounts are also available.
– Leyton Active £16 per month
– Wildcats £11 per month

League Pre-season Training – Contracted

When players fall out of contract at the end of the season, those intending to stay with us move to a pre-season training fee of £15 per month between June and August.  This includes midweek training and also the Leyton Active sessions.

Development Players – Contracted

Intermediate players who are aspiring to be league players are placed on a development contract.  These are £15 per month (£180 for year).  This includes midweek training and also the Leyton Active sessions.

League Players  – Contracted

League players are elite players and placed on a league contract.  This contract lasts for the season, and is £280. This can be paid in monthly instalments or in full. This includes midweek training, league matches, special cup games and also the Leyton Active sessions.

Discounts and Bursaries

Free school meals

If your child is on free school meals, please email us on with the name and date of birth of your daughter along with proof of free school meals and we will create a membership account with her showing as paid up for the whole year.  If she is eligible for the league team, the club will also cover the costs of her playing kit.


If you are fortunate enough to have more than one female player in your family, we offer a 20% to siblings.

Single parent discounts and Looked After Children

All single parents and Looked After Children can apply for a 25% discount.

Volunteer discounts

If you are a volunteer for the club with an allocated job title you are eligible for discounts:
– League players are reduced from £280 to £180.
– Development players are reduced from £180 to £100.

If you are interested in volunteering, please see our newsletters for the latest vacancies or contact