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In School Sessions
Primary Schools

What is a Foundation Development Session?

Designed specifically for girls in school years 2 to 6, AFC Leyton’s professional football coaches deliver coaching sessions in school. These fun sessions provide a safe environment where girls with no football experience can; have fun engaging with sport, develop fundamental skills, learn football basics and create foundations for a lifelong love of sport. Girls who enjoy these sessions will be able to continue training with AFC Leyton and may also be eligible to join a competitive league team.

Why is it important?”

Statistically young female footballers reported higher levels of confidence, self-esteem, well­being, and motivation than girls who play no sport at all. More powerfully, young girls who play football also reported higher scores than those girls who play other sports. Crucially, the benefits of playing football extend off the pitch as well. Female footballers confirm that football helped them to solve problems, deal with pressure at school/work, and feel empowered to overcome difficulties. The results make a compelling case: if you want girls to feel more confident, get them playing football.

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