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AFC Leyton Brand

“LeytonPlayStrong” is AFC Leyton’s club philosophy and symbolises everything we are about. There is no one individual more important than another and united we are strong.

We all develop by helping each other and this is the greatest lesson we can implement as individuals, as a club and as a community.

Our players & teams’ development is all derived from players, coaches, parents and friends in the community all pulling together in the same direction.

Likewise parents, coaches and community friends also grow alongside our players & teams.

Our Name: ‘AFC LEYTON’
Acceptable usage of our Club name are:

  • AFC Leyton
  • AFC Leyton Girls
  • Leyton Girls
  • AFC Leyton Women
  • Leyton Women
  • AFC Leyton Women and Girls

Our Badge

Our Club Badge – Colours

The AFC Leyton badge consists of 2 elements, the Wyvern head within a shield and the name above the shield. The wyvern represents strength, speed, power and a fierceness that our players demonstrate in their approach to every game. It is a symbol to be both revered and feared by our opponents.

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CMYK 99 73 33 18

RGB 100 23 28
CMYK 18 100 100 8

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Our Playing Kit

Main Club League Players – Season 2023-24:

  • Home kit: red shirt, red shorts, red socks
  • Away kit: blue shirt, blue shorts, blue socks
  • Thermal skins for the winter (to be worn under the kit) – any brand
  • Shin pads

Optional items

  • Winter/rain jacket
  • Gilet/body warmer
  • Tracksuit tops

Please buy your kit via Pendle –

Home kit

Away & training kit

Wildcats & Squad Girls:

It is mandatory that all midweek development players train in the club shirt.  The training kit for Wildcats & Squad Girls are:

  • Training shirt – Navy blue
  • Shorts – Navy blue
  • Socks – Navy blue
  • Shin pads & navy blue/black thermals

Optional items

  • Winter/rain jacket
  • Gilet/Body Warmer
  • Tracksuit tops

Please buy your kit via Pendle –

Buying Footwear

If you are buying footwear, we recommend moulded studs.  These can be worn on grass or on the astro.  We also have a second hand boot store at our homeground, which parents can swap outgrown boots.  Please hand in clean as you will collect clean.  If you have any boots, shin pads or  outgrown kit to donate to the store please let us know.

Please note: Metal studs are not permitted on the 3G surface.  We recommend all youth players playing at group age U13s or below purchase moulded studs only.   This is more cost effective on parents whilst the players feet are still growing, and also helps to reduce injury to the younger youth players during tackles.