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AFC Leyton Committee Roles



Responsible to:

  • Executive Committee

Responsible for:

  • Executive Committee Members
  • General Committee Members
  • Oversight of AFC Leyton

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Chair the Committee meetings and AGM
  • Up hold the club constitution and codes of Practice
  • Ensure that the club provides a safe and friendly environment for players to enjoy football
  • Provide strong leadership and guidance to steer the club forward
  • Work with all club officials to provide information on the running of the club
  • Be a good role model for all and teach good habits
  • Encourage continued development of all members/officials
  • Provide information, instruction and feed back to all members in a constructed manner.
  • Develop the club and position the club to achieve its goals and objectives.

What sort of tasks is involved?:

  • Review and update of strategic action plans
  • Club development and assessment
  • Assist with any special projects needed to progress the club
  • Chair committee meetings
  • Support the clubs development projects
  • Meet with club sponsors and strategic partners for club development
  • Chair the AGM and complete an end of season report to the AGM
  • Help organise and host Presentation Nights
  • Support Club social/fund raising events

How much time will I have to give to the role?:

  • Chairman’s role takes up approximately 8 hours per week.
  • Other duties associated with the task outlined above will be spread across the week, with telephone calls etc. and will take approximately a further 1 hours.
  • The amount of time is dependant on the support of the Executive Committee and General Management Committee. This support will reduce the time given weekly.

What else can you tell me about the role?:

The role is a very important one as the Chairperson is the figure head of the organisation, someone who inspires and leads from the front. This position is for someone who has good business skills and can manage people, processes and deal with club stakeholders in a professional manner.

For more information about the club visit our website

The following information can be found;

  • Club Constitution
  • Club Development Manual,
  • Codes of Practice,
  • Child Protection Policy and
  • Other relevant club policy documents.