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AFC Leyton Committee Roles

Club Secretary


Responsible to:

  • Executive Committee
  • Chair

Responsible for:

  • Coaches
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Parent Representatives
  • Players and Parents

Role and Responsibilities:

  • The day-to-day running of the clubs administration
  • Up hold the club constitution and codes of Practice
  • Ensure that the club and its officials/members function effectively.
  • Provide the main point of contact within the club for all issues relating to the club.
  • Work with all to provide information, instruction on club issues and topics.
  • Be a good role model for all and teach good habits
  • Encourage continued development of all members
  • Provide constructive feed back to members, parents and team managers.
  • Continue to develop as a General secretary

What sort of tasks is involved?:

  • Liaison with all Team Managers
  • Organisation of administration
  • Planning and implementing structured policy & procedures in accordance with the leagues etc.
  • Represent the club at outside meetings as directed by the executive committee
  • Organise the booking of match facilities for the season and/or weekly
  • Attend league meetings
  • Monthly team mangers meeting
  • Affiliate the club with the LFA and local leagues
  • Organise the AGM
  • Register Players to the leagues

How much time will I have to give to the role?:

  • General Secretary activities will, depending on a number of factors, however, it should take up approximately 8 hours a week. Many of these hours will be weekends and in the evenings.
  • Other duties associated with the tasks outlined above are spread across the week, with telephone calls etc. and will take another approximately 1 hour.

What else can you tell me about AFC Leyton?:

For more information about the club visit our website

The following information can be found;

  • Club Constitution
  • Club Development Manual,
  • Codes of Practice,
  • Child Protection Policy and
  • Other relevant club policy documents.