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Pre-League Development Sessions

Development Sessions


Who for?:
School Year 7 to 11 (730 to 9pm)
Eligibility: By invitation only
Cost: £20 per month

We operate pre-league development sessions for players who are not quite ready for a league team, but would benefit from training in a team amongst players of their own ability.

These sessions are by invitation only from either new player trials or Leyton Active.

Players invited to these sessions must purchase the development player kit in order to train within the squad environment.

Sessions will continue despite the British weather.  So, during the autumn and winter, if it’s raining or cold we recommend the girls wear gloves, thermals and a suitable waterproof coat.

Who are the sessions for?

Girls with moderate football skills are invited to attend these sessions.

Talented players are able to move from these sessions to League Teams.

AFC Leyton Home Ground
Salisbury Hall & Blades Playfields
(Park at the back of Sainsbury’s on the Billet)
Walthamstow Avenue
London E4 8ST.


£20 per month