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Please vote for AFC Leyton in Tesco this May and June! AFC Leyton is a non-profit female only football club, that is located just behind Sainsburys Low Hall (off the billet) E4 8ST. We have 600 girls and counting that come and play with us. From highly competitive league teams, to development teams and community players our primary goal is to ensure all girls that want to play have an opportunity to play in a safe, nurturing and fun environment where their development comes first.

Tesco have given us a fantastic opportunity to fundraise up to £4k via all their stores in Waltham Forest. So when you buy something from them and get a blue coin – please drop it into the Leyton Leopards pot. This money will be used to expand our community involvement – getting more girls outside and off devices, learning great football skills with our UEFA coaches, learn teamwork, help them to get fitter and lead healthier lifestyles whilst making lots of new friends outside of their school setting. The confidence we give our girls is incredible to see.

Voting for us will help us to continue to provide:
– Free training to girls through our schools programmes (many large clubs do this just for boys and overlook the talent of girls)
– Free professional coaching and training kits to girls who are on free school meals and would not otherwise afford to play
– Player pathways for elite player/athletes to regional talent centres on their pathway to England.

We are a true community club that is unlike any other football club. At AFC Leyton it really is *only* about the girls. We are not attached to a boys club, so every single penny we get is reinvested into the girls game, health and wellbeing. We are proud of our safe and nurturing community for all girls, regardless of race, nationality or religion. We are all one.

Find out more about AFC Leyton here and please please please do drop that blue chip in the AFC Leyton pot! thank you.