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Read the statement from Steve Hodges, AFC Leyton Chairman - 14/3/21

The recent killing of Sarah Everard and the outpouring of Women’s stories about harassment has left me thinking about what I as a man can do to help.

What these stories highlight is that men are the ones that cause the problem and that the violence and the harassment that is perpetrated on women in day-to-day life must change and change immediately.

As the Chairman of AFC Leyton, my role is to help empower the young women under our care. We want to build these individuals into confident strong independent women. It is something that I am passionate about. I want these women to thrive. But in the current circumstances it is not enough, and I would ask all men to join me in saying no more.

We need to stand together to call out this behaviour as unacceptable. We need to have discussions with our friends and our colleagues that this behaviour is unacceptable. We must help to create safe spaces.

We can no longer remain silent when we see abusive behaviour or harassment.

I would ask all the men associated with AFC Leyton whether they be a father, grandfather, brothers, or carer to join me in calling out the inappropriate behaviour of other men.

If men are the problem, then men can also be the solution. Let us play our part in making this a safer world for all women.

14 March 2021
Steve Hodges
Chairman, AFC Leyton