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Welcome to AFC Leyton!

A big, warm welcome to all our new players who have recently joined the club. All are fantastic footballers and great additions to their respective teams. Welcome ladies!!!

  • First Team: Ida, Neveah, Cara
  • U14 Dragons: Alexa-Rose, Mariela
  • U11s: Hannah

General Updates

Car Registration - Exemption List

As you may know, Sainsbury’s has a 3 hour parking limit.  We are able to exempt your car by providing your registration number.

We can also cancel any fines you may get for over staying the 3 hours.

Please contact Nic via email with your registration number and/or PCN –

Newsletter Submissions

Like to submit something to our newsletter?

Send your ideas to


Referees – Please contact if interested in becoming qualified or for further details about the role.

Sponsorship Lead – Please contact if interested.

Club Merchandise

Club Calendar 2024

Looking for the perfect stocking filler for Christmas?

Similarly to the new branded shin pads we have, we now have launched a branded club calendar with photos from every team within the club! 😄🎄

You can use this link to have a look and make your orders.

Club Branded Umbrellas

Are you tired of getting caught in unexpected rain showers or harsh sunlight? We’ve got the perfect solution for you!

Introducing our very own AFC Leyton umbrella.  This is not just an umbrella, but your style statement in any weather condition… for only £25!

Please contact Harry or Nic if you would like to order one.

Club Branded Shinpads

We now have some brand new club branded shinpads available on the club shop!  A good quality shinpad and repping the club too.

Cost: £18

To order, please click here

Meet the Coach

Brogan Brooks - U11s Manager and First Team Captain

Brogan Brooks is AFC Leyton’s First Team Captain and our U11’s Team Coach. We sat down with her to find out more about her story. Read below!

What team do you support?


Who is your favourite player?

Lauren James, currently but growing up, it used to be Beckham.

Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I’ve had a meeting with Price Harry discussing issues facing our communities and I got awarded the Young Runners Award, presented by the Mayor himself, congratulating me on the good work I’ve done in the community.

When did you start your football journey? And what position did/do you play?

About Year 4. I’ve played football my whole life but started playing properly for my school from Year 4 and I was always a striker or winger. I’m now a centre back for the First team.

Have you faced any barriers when playing football, if so, how did you deal with them?

I struggled with my confidence. I’ve only trialled for one team, which was Tigers and I didn’t like the players there, they weren’t really welcoming and felt very excluded – I was in Year 9 at this point. I then went to play for West Ham Foundation. I enjoyed it; however, I was with St Angela’s Girls and they weren’t the most welcoming. So, I’ve never felt welcomed in most teams I’ve tried to get into or been at.

After getting back into football again, I joined a team and my biggest barrier was being on the bench, felt like I had lost all my confidence, wondering if I will ever get into the team.  I knew that I didn’t have any skills, just pace.

I used to tell myself, I’m on the bench because I was new but I didn’t feel like I had been given a chance and was only put on if someone needed to be taken off. Again, it knocks the confidence, especially when your confidence isn’t exactly high.

When did you start coaching and why?

I started coaching because of the majority of the things I’ve just said. Kids who lack confidence and just want to be given a chance or children who potentially have potential and helping them to become the best version of themselves. To be that person I needed when I was younger, and I feel that’s who I am to these girls. I wouldn’t want anyone to feel a type of way when they want to get into football because I know what it feels like to not feel welcomed.

What do you enjoy the most about being a coach?

Moments were the players are getting what I’ve been teaching them, understanding what I’m trying to teach them but most importantly, I enjoy the smiles on everyone’s faces even when we are winning or losing and the encouragement the girls have, the resilience the girls have, the discipline the girls have – I feel like that’s what makes me enjoy it the most.  When they back each other and it’s all about being a team and I feel like the girls are. I also enjoy seeing the girls happy whilst playing football, being themselves or being creative whilst playing football or showing their personality whilst playing football.

What are your 3 main traits all players should have/show?

1 – they want to play football
2 – want to learn more about football or as a player
3 – I think all footballers should have a positive or good attitude

If you have all those 3 things, you are a decent player.

What song would you sing at Karaoke?

Adele, I drink wine.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Be a roast most probably, can’t get bored of a roast. 3 meats, some carbs, bit of veg – can’t go wrong.

What is/are your favourite memory/ies at AFC Leyton?

It was when we played against Brentford last season – it showed us as a unit that Harry’s got our backs, the girls have got each others backs and that was something that I never felt I had in football, for either 1, the coaches not liking me or 2, giving me a chance but it showed me that Harry has and the girls were very welcoming – that’s probably my most favourite memory.

Quote from Harry: “Brogan is fantastic and we are super proud to have her at AFC Leyton in more than one capacity. Her charisma, warm personality and passion for football is infectious. Brogan’s energy, drive and relatability make her a brilliant coach too, she has taken the U11’s in her stride and has already made a great impact on the girls. Keep up the great work, B.”

Upcoming events

  • Christmas party: Friday 8 December
  • Sunday 17 December: Last scheduled fixtures pre-Christmas
  • Monday 18 December: Last training session for U9Ds
  • Tuesday 19 December: Last training session for U12s, U14Ws, U14Ds & First team
  • Wednesday 20 December: Last training session for U9Ws, U10s, U11s, U13Ws, U13Ds, U15Ws & U15Ds
  • Tuesday 2 January: Training resumes for Tuesday’s teams.
  • Wednesday 3 January: Training resumes for Wednesday’s teams
  • Sunday 7 January: First scheduled fixtures post-Christmas
  • Monday 8 January: Training resumes for U9Ds
  • Butlins – ESF Residential Tour: May 2024
  • Parent vs. Coaches: June 2024

🎉🎄⚽️ CHRISTMAS PARTY 2023 ⚽️🎄🎉 Friday 8 December

It’s approaching that time of year again… which means one thing… 🎉OUR CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!🎉
A great night for the players and family to enjoy and dance the night away…. PLAYERS ARE FREE, but will still need to book a ticket!!
Adult: £10 each
Siblings: £5 each
Players: FREE
Make sure you get your tickets now… Follow the link ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ 🎉🎄⚽️🎉🎄⚽️🎉🎄⚽️🎉🎄⚽️

Butlins - May 2024

We have started to prepare for ESF 2024 which will be at Butlins Bognor Regis in May 2024.  There are still some rooms available, but you will need to be quick if you would like to go.  Please speak to your Parent Rep or Emma

For those who are new to club, this is amazing weekend tournament for both children and adults alike.  Lots and lots of fun and team building.

Links for hotels/apartments will be sent out as soon as you have a full squad accepted.

Club Tournament Organiser Emma, will be organising a zoom call with all the information you need in due course.

October Half Term Camp

It was another fantastic and successful Half Term Football Camp in October. The girls had a lot of fun and a big well done to Team Spain who won the World Cup tournament!

Thank you to Harry, Zak and Brogan for making this week possible. Looking forward to the next one 🙂 !!!

First Team News

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In the community

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Just Play session - Women only!

Our Monday night Pay and Play “Just Play” session is still going strong.

We’d love to see more of our members extended families attend – mothers, older siblings, aunts all welcome!

Its just £5 pay and play – please click here to book your ticket in advance.


To request a sponsor pack, email

Atkins Physiotherapy

We are pleased to have our relationship with local physiotherapy – Atkins Physiotherapy Consultants Ltd. Atkins have been helping the public for over 32 years and are based in South Woodford on the high road (opposite Tesco Express).

This newly formed relationship is hopefully the start of a long-standing one which gives all players signed for AFC Leyton a 15% discount on physiotherapy. I hope we rarely have to use their services but with injuries a common occurrence in football I’m pleased to have a trusted, local and experienced physiotherapy team to help and support. If needed, please get in touch with them and quote “Harry” or “AFC Leyton” for a high quality service, friendly approach and a discounted rate.

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