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Brogan Brooks announced as AFC Leyton First Team Captain

AFC Leyton are delighted to announce Brogan Brooks as the new first team captain.

“Brogan is a hard working and tenacious player who is extremely quick and can play off both feet. Brogan is a vibrant and positive individual whose energy and spirit brings the best out of her teammates.”  Harry Cuthbert, Head Coach

About Brogan

When and how did you first start playing football?

I started playing football around 5 years old when my uncle took me to sport world to buy me some trainers.  He said pick anything you want.  I ran and picked up Astro (t90)!   From there my uncle started to take me to free football sessions.

What obstacles / barriers have you faced while playing football?

I htink the worst obstacle in football is when you dont feel part of the team.  Clubs where there is an atmospher and you don’t feel welcomed.  This is never a good feeling, so every new player that joins I always make sure I make it my duty to welcome them in and make them feel comfortable.   I have to say the atmosphere at AFC Leyton from the start was always friendly and welcoming.  I remember feeling apprehensive on my trial, and it was completely different to everyone else I had been before. I loved it from the start.

What position do you play?

At AFC Leyton I play left back.

What is your favourite thing about AFC Leyton?

My favourite thing about AFC Leyton is our coach Gaffa H. He wants the best for us on and off the pitch.  He’s taken time out to understand each player and for me that’s what’s make us committed.  We want to make ourselves and the club proud.

If you had to give one bit of advice to our younger players at the club, what would it be?

1. Be the person you want to be.
2. Never stop playing! Even when you feel like your heart isn’t in it.  Keep on going.
3. Always make everyone feel welcomed. Football is about the whole team.
4. Remember to keep your head up throughout wins and losses.
5. Always ask for ways to improve

What is your goal or the teams goal for the rest of the season?

My goal for the team is to build on the talent we have, build chemistry on and off the pitch.