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Our Diversity

In February 2020, we surveyed all our members, in the largest data feedback collation in our history.

The survey detailed all aspects of our club, from our demographic makeup, to scoring us on our sessions, coaching, match day experiences, leadership and communication.

Our diversity is a strength at AFC Leyton and something we celebrate. We believe this creates the warm and inclusive environment for all females from the age of 3 and above.

From our initial collation, we believe that AFC Leyton is one of the most diverse (if not the most diverse) football club in the UK.

• The below is a chart taken from a snapshot of nearly one-third of all members (including league and community members).

• 71% of our members who responded reported heritages in European countries other than the UK, as well as Asia, USA and Africa. 29% of our members were white British.

• Along with our ethnic make up, AFC Leyton has members from all major religions such as Christian, Buddhism, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Jewish communities.

• AFC Leyton strives to accommodate religious requirements requested by our members, such as alterations to playing kits, absences for religious holidays and refreshment considerations at club events.

Take a look at our pie charts below:

We hope to deliver the full report at our AGM in June/July