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AFC Leyton U11 Wyverns 2019/2020 Season Review

I hope you are all healthy and well during these difficult times.

As the 2019/20 season has sadly come to an end I have had a look back over old notes and took some time to reflect on an enjoyable season.

I think the girls have been brilliant and it has been massively entertaining watching and coaching the girls every week. I am sure we can all agree that they have all developed as individuals and improved as a team. They have played some unbelievable football and have definitely held their own against the boys.

I joined AFC Leyton back in August and I remember being told how lucky I was with the team I had. From the very first session I could see the abundance of quality all of the girls had. The technical ability on show was through the roof and I could see a real good friendship amongst them all. I was really optimistic about the season ahead and I couldn’t wait to get started.

I remember how keen and eager all of the girls were when we told them they were playing against boys every week. They all voiced a real excitement when challenged with the prospect of being in an all boys division and expressed they were up for the challenge.

Our season started on the 15th September with a 1pm KO at home. The game ended in a draw but I felt we played really well as a team and we were unlucky not to win. The amazing thing about the Wyverns is that even when we don’t win or we draw a game I always come off the pitch knowing the girls were the best players on the pitch.

As the games went on up until November our results were a bit of a mixed bag with 2 wins and 2 losses. We had a fantastic performance and result on the 6th October with two hat-tricks from 2 of our strikers. Our GK was out on pitch for the first time and almost scored a couple of goals.

During the Christmas period the girls continued to perform well. While the girls were taking a breather during a half time team talk I gave them my thoughts on the game so far. I could see by their faces that they were invested in what I had to say las they were taking on some water. I didn’t have to say another word after this as they started talking amongst themselves, they made a plan. They discussed how to defend and how they are going to counter the opposition as a team, together they worked it out. Me and Nick looked at each other amazed as well as amused.

Torrential rain and extreme winds called off a number of games during January and February putting a stop to our progress. We still managed two brilliant results in the freezing cold, scoring 11 goals and conceding 3 in the 2 games that month. The girls showed further improvements as a team especially at the THFC tournament which was one of my favourite days as coach of the Wyverns. In horrible weather with the rain hammering down the girls conceded 5 and scored a magnificent 27 goals on our route to the final. We were unfortunate not to win the whole thing but the girls were very impressive, playing with freedom, creativity and huge smiles on their faces in every game.

To finish up on a successful season I would like to say a massive thank you to every single one of you, home or away, rain or sun there are always countless amounts of you on the sidelines encouraging and cheering the girls on.

You are all tremendously supportive and I haven’t had one problem or issue to deal with so thank you all. A huge thank you for helping out each other, offering lifts and ensuring everyone is there on time, I really appreciate the teamwork from you all.

The biggest thank you has to go to Mr. Leforte, the assistant coach, the best parent rep possible and the man who has everything for any occasion. The girls have been dazzling at times this season, playing some outrageous football, displayed show individual moments of brilliance and shown a real resilience and toughness as a team.

I cannot wait to get back to it and I am really looking forward to the new season ahead.

Stay safe,
Coach Harry