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AFC Leyton Newsletter - ESF Special Edition 2023

Welcome to this special edition newsletter for ESF 2023!

The Leadership team and coaches are very excited for ESF 2023 and very much look forward to seeing you all there.

Whether you have been before or this is your first time, please find below all the information you need for the weekend.

Let’s go Leyton!!! #LeytonPlayStrong

Things to know...

*Please note: All information below is from last year’s tour and subject to change*

Friday – Arrival

You are able to arrive on the resort and use any of the facilities from 1pm, but unable to check in until 3pm or 4pm (depending on where you are staying).  You will be given a welcome pack, along with wrists bands for the whole family to wear throughout the weekend.  Without the wristbands, you won’t be able to enter any of the facilities.  If you haven’t received enough bands for your party, please speak to reception.

The team will be meeting at The Beachcomber Inn from 4pm, please come and join us.  Hopefully the weather will stay nice for us.

Beachcomber Inn is in front of the big white tent as you come onto the resort.

Saturday – Game Day

The games are played off site (there are two sites) both are in walking distance but there is a car park if you wish to drive.  There are food and drinks stalls on the sites as well as toilet facilities.

Depending on which age group your daughter is in, you will either have morning games or afternoon games.  The rest of the day is for you to spend with your family or for the girls to bond with their team mates.

From swimming to arts and crafts, there’s plenty of activities at Butlins for every age when you don’t have a game.

Sunday – Match day and Presentation

Games will be in the morning, with the final happening in the early afternoon.  Presentation is normally held in one of the arenas in the big white tent and will start around 4pm.  Don’t forget to make sure your daughter is in her AFC Leyton ‘On Tour’ t-shirt.

Presentation normally finishes around 6pm so you can either go home or stay an extra night.

Monday – Home Time

You will need to be out of your room by 10am.

Letters for schools

Nic has sent out letters to your email addresses if you wish to ask for authorised absence from your schools.

Please note, you don’t have to take your daughter(s) out of school, some families arrive late afternoon/early evening on the Friday and leave after the presentation on Sunday (around 6pm).

If you haven’t received the email/letter, please check your junk mail, otherwise please contact Nic via Spond or

Presentation T-Shirts

On Tour t-shirts are for the Sunday night presentation.  The girls looked amazing last year for the photos.

Nic will give these to your parent reps on Friday or Saturday.

Essentials for the tournament

  • Sun cream
  • Umbrella
  • Waterproof
  • Towel in case it rains all day
  • A wet bag for kit
  • Snacks/drinks – there will be food stalls but will only be hotdogs, burgers or chips
  • Water bottles
  • Fold up chair
  • Bag for rubbish
  • Both kits in case of clash
  • If anyone has a gazebo, please bring it along, if you can


Don’t forget to download the ESF 2023 app.

Fixtures will go live on the app 7-10 days before the tournament and will be updated live as the results happen.

It’s a great way to keep up to date with the league table and what pitch you are playing on!

Club Supporter Squad

You can buy Club Supporter Squad T-Shirts and Hoodies from the club shop to show extra support at the tournament.

Hoodie –

T-Shirt –

Souvenir ESF Pennants

Emma Lewis will be ordering pennants for the tournament. If you would like to order one for your daughter as a souvenir, please contact her via Spond or

Cost: £4.50 per pennant.

Please note this is completely optional.

Contact details for the weekend

Leadership Contacts

  • Harry Cuthbert, Chair: 07572 78 8457
  • Nicola Gallagher, Club Secretary: 07521 809 437
  • Chloe Connell, Chief Welfare Officer: 07908 626 331

Parent Reps contacts

  • Under 9s – Chloe: 07908 626 331
  • Under 10s – Nic Gallagher: 07521 809 437
  • Under 11s – Emma: 07958 635 771
  • Under 13 Dragons – Mark: 07957 244 814
  • Under 14 – Nic Gilbey: 07947 211 687
  • Under 14 Wyverns – Helen/Dave: 07714 495 005

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