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Her Story: Halimah, U12 Dragons

Halimah, U12 Dragons Football Story

Take Islam as a motivation.  Our religion encourages girls to achieve their goals.

I had gotten into football because of my sister being quite passionate about it and watching her play made me feel like it was something that I wanted to do as well.

I usually play as a center-forward or a center-midfielder as it is the position I am most comfortable in.

My favourite memories were when I was told that I had made the team and also when I scored my first goal. I was so happy with myself! As a player, I would describe myself confident and I believe I have developed a lot over the past few years at AFC Leyton.

What’s it like being a Muslim player?

As a Muslim player, I don’t find that my religion is a hindrance of any sort towards me playing football. In fact it encourages me to play. I can easily perform my duties as a Muslim with no trouble. For example, I can comfortably cover my body and perform my daily prayers.

In Ramadan I would definitely recommend to drink plenty of water during suhoor and once you break your fast. You should also eat more fruits and vegetables.  Avoid more unhealthy, oily foods like junk food and unhealthy drinks as this will not give you enough energy for the day. I would certainly try to catch up on my sleep as well to become more energised for the day. My team and coach are very supportive and if I am fasting they would all be very considerate about it.

My advise to other Muslim girls to play football is to continue playing with passion and to take Islam as a motivation as our religion encourages girls to achieve their goals.