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Her Story: Meet AFC Leyton's Muslim Players and Coaches

If there ever was a dream of equality, it certainly feels close at AFC Leyton.  With hundreds of female players from varying different cultures and religions, we all operate as one club under the banner of AFC Leyton.

This Ramadan, we celebrate our fierce and skillful female Muslim players and their Muslim coaches who perhaps unbeknowst to them are not only role models and trail blazers, but athletes who provide the much needed representation in grassroots football.  Some chosing to wear a hijab and dressed from head to toe in club colours, others in the standard club kit, these footballing females are all breaking down boundaries and stereotypes whilst playing the game that they love.

Safiya, U8s

“go for it because you can have so much fun”

Imaan, U9s

” lot of parents may still think it’s a boys game, but it’s for girls too”

Serinah, U10s

” I am always telling everyone how nice it is at Afc Leyton “

Sihaam, U11 Wyverns

“It is more than just football, we are like a big family”

Halimah, U12 Dragons

“Always play with passion”

Aaliyah, U13 Dragons

“if you enjoy the sport just play don’t stop no matter what.”

Rihanna, U13 Dragons

“If you enjoy playing, just go for it”

Ana, U13 Wyverns

“I’ve made amazing friends and have so many opportunities!”

Janna, U13 Wyverns

“never ever give up on your dreams, because nothing is impossible”

Sarah, U13 Wyverns

“Football is for everyone”

Aaliyah, U14 Wyverns

“step out your comfort zone and embrace opportunities”

Amiera, U14 Wyverns

“do what you love and you can’t let anyone stop you”

Our Adult Players and Coaches

Najma, U12s Dragons Manager

Get involved! There are endless opportunities now to show your talents”


Emma, Defender, AFC Leyton Women

If you have an interest in football just go for it,”