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Her Story: Sihaam, U11s Wyverns

I love football and being a part of AFC Leyton has helped me become a better footballer.

Sihaam, U11 Wyverns Football Story

My whole family are passionate about football.

My whole family are passionate about football. I am the youngest in my family and since I can remember, my dad, sister and two brothers have all played. My brothers and sister all coach now too and they have made me realise there are lots of ways you can be involved in football as well as playing. I couldn’t wait to start playing properly and loved AFC Leyton as soon as I first came over four years ago.  At AFC leyton I am a winger

My favourite AFC Leyton memory has to be celebrating with my team mates in all the tournaments that we have won! Also winning coach’s Player of the Season last season.

I would describe myself as a team player and like to play passing football. I try and think about what might happen next so I can link up play. I’m resilient and calm. I like to encourage my team to stay positive and focused.

What’s it like being a muslim player?

I don’t really think about being Muslim when I’m playing because I know the team and club are very inclusive. I feel the same as any other player and get treated the same too.

During Ramadan, when my siblings fast and play, they plan what they are going to eat and drink to make sure they have enough energy. They also try and rest more. I think that helps them manage Ramadan and keeps them playing football.

My club are very supportive and they start to talk about how they can help us as a family even before Ramadan. They check fasting times and last year, let us leave early on training nights so that we could get home and be with family to break fast together. That helped us a lot and we all really appreciated it.  They also provide a clean area that anyone can use to pray. They have supported us a lot and it has meant that we can stick to everything we need to do.

My advice to any females wanting to get into football is that you have to give it go! You can find a club that will be supportive and welcoming. You won’t regret it! You can make new friends and enjoy new experiences with them.

I love football and being a part of AFC Leyton has helped me become a better footballer. It has also made me more confident and I always look forward to going. Me and my team mates are really supportive and we encourage each other a lot. We are all passionate about the sport and understand each other. It is more than just football, we are like a big family and everyone supports each other however we can.

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