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Her Story: Rhianna, U13 Dragons

Rihanna, U13 Dragons Football Story

My best friend joined a team when we were 7 years old. She asked me to attend training with her as she was shy, and I absolutely loved it even though I just ran around like a headless chicken!

I have played right or left wing throughout my career. I play mostly as a striker with my current team AFC Leyton.

Although I am enjoying every second of playing for AFC Leyton, my favourite moment so far was probably scoring my first two goals on trial against a team from the USA.

If I had to describe myself as a player, I would say that I am a true team player. But I do like to dribble and score goals.

if you enjoy playing, just go for it.

What’s it like being a muslim player?

I have never actually taken being Muslim into account when I play. Just see myself as a female who enjoys playing football with my teammates.

For Ramadan, I drink and eat as much as possible before I commence fasting. During the match, I try to conserve my energy by making more intelligent runs than running around for the sake of it.  However my coach is very supportive.

My advice for any Muslim girls wanting to get into football is that if you enjoy playing, just go for it.