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League Cup Final 21/22: Squad Announced

After, a consistent strong display of football in their inaugurial year, the AFC Leyton first team have made it to the League Cup Final this coming Sunday 22 May and are still challenging for the overall league title.

The team was created in September 2021 by the inspirational force that is Manager Estelle Handy.

“We’re 1 game away from winning our first cup, all we need to do is show why we deserve to win it and the rest will fall into place.”

Squad Announced

The line up for Sundays Cup Final against Forest Crusaders is:

Team stats

AFC Leyton has scored an incredible 141 goals scored this season.  Out of the current team members, 59 goals were scored by L. Sibbons, 19 from J. McKnight, 18 by N. Caicedo, 9 from C. Barbin, 7 by J. McGibbon, 6 G. Sibbons, 5 K. Leddy, 3 L. Awan, 2 B. Godwin-Okon, 1 A. Camara, 1 C. Moor-Hines, 1 A. Paterson.

Join Us

If you are interested in joining this team for next season, please apply here: